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Amnesty Writing Meme - Writers On Mars
Amnesty Writing Meme
As just explained below, writersonmars is now on a break until the New Year. I'm therefore going to do something a little bit different. For the next six weeks or so, I invite you all to take the below meme (it's ten questions on your own fic) and leave your answers on the comm (or if you'd rather post it in your own journal, post a link to it here). This meme has been doing the rounds, so if you've already answered it, again just post a link to it here. Though I would ask you that the majority of answers should be on your Life on Mars fic, as this is a Life on Mars fandom community!

I look forward to seeing all your answers!

10 questions about the fan fiction stories you've written

1) Your favourite story?
2) Your least favourite story?
3) Your longest story?
4) Your shortest story?
5) Your strangest story?
6) Your most unpleasant story?
7) The story that surprised you most with its reception?
8) Your funniest story?
9) Your most angst ridden story?
10) Your most smutty story?

amproof's Answers
bistokid's Answers
dorcas_gustine's Answers
lozenger8's Answers
m31andy's Answers

If you post your answers here, may I remind you to put them under a cut so as not to clutter other folks' friendslists up. Ta!

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