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Fanfiction Authors Spotlight
The aim of writersonmars is to bring together people who have a keen interest in reading and writing fanfiction for the hit BBC drama Life On Mars.

Each fortnight, a different member of the community will be chosen at random by the community owner to take their place in the Author Spotlight. The chosen member will answer a standard set of questions about Canon, and fanfiction reading and writing, all relating to Life On Mars.

Everybody will get to take a turn in the spotlight; this is not an elite community or popularity content, but a fun way for Life On Mars fanficcers to get to know each other. Anyone is welcome to become a member and join in - in fact, the more, the merrier! There are so many talented Life On Mars fanficcers out there and getting to know you all would be lovely.

The only thing I do ask is that we all respect each other. Flaming, ship wars, character & actor bashing, and things along those lines will not be tolerated. If stating or responding to an opinion that could be controvesial, try to do so with maturity and good grace. Not that I feel this needs to be said, but just for the sake of having a rule or two!

Lastly, for general Life On Mars discussion, fanfiction, fanvids, and just about anything else, I highly reccomend lifein1973, which is a fun and welcoming community. I also recommend 1973flashfic, where you'll find fanfiction challenges, and lifeonicons for the icon fanatics among us. jumping_off is for those of you who might feel a little (or a lot!) bitter towards the ending of the Canon Life On Mars and other various aspects of Canon.

Regarding Spoilers

Please be advised that there will be unmarked SPOILERS in this community. If you have not seen all 16 episodes, or do not wish to be spoiled, you may want to stay clear. With the nature of this community I find it makes the most sense and is easier to just not have any spoiler rules in place here. I apologise if this disappoints anyone.

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